Practice Areas

Personal Accident and Injury

If you’ve been harmed by the careless actions of someone else then these lawyers will definitely help you. Auto accidents, work injuries, or wrongful death are example of injuries that fall under this category. Don’t let yourself get taken advantage of by hiring competent legal representation.


There are two types of bankruptcy that we can help potential clients with: commercial bankruptcy or consumer bankruptcy. Commercial bankruptcy is when your business files for bankruptcy. Consumer bankruptcy is when you or your spouse file for bankruptcy. In general bankruptcy lawyers will assess the debt of the debtor (the individual who owes debt) and will determine whether bankruptcy is a good outcome or not. The bankruptcy lawyer will guide you through the paperwork and procedures during this time.

Family Law, Divorce & Custody

Our divorce lawyers handle child custody hearings, basing divorces on “fault grounds” (ie adultery, abuse, imprisonment, etc), handling property division, etc. Child custody hearings involve which child lives with which parent, which parents gets to make important decisions for which child and visitation rights. Alimony (when one parent has to pay another to support the children) is also involved here when a court order is made.

Wills, Trusts & Probate

We handle estate planning to help individuals manage and transfer their property before they die. Estate planning lawyers also handle retirement plans, life insurance policies and if the individual wishes to donate some of their property or possessions to charity the estate planning lawyer is the one who carries it out.

Real Estate

We prepare deeds and documents for transactions, rental agreements, purchase contracts, etc. When an individual purchases property from someone else the attorney of record assures that title is transferred smoothly and equitably. We also handle escrow and the transfer of funds for purchase.

If you have questions about which type of lawyer you need feel free to contact our office any time.